Casa Olivi {the renovation of an historical building}

As you noticed I am pretty much on a virtual tour and traveling around lately. Here is another great project I found. It is called Casa Olive and is located in Treia, in the heart of the Marches, Italy. 

The renovation of this historical building took 4 years, conducted by the 2 swiss architects Markus Wespi and Jerome de Meuron. The outside style has been preserved as the building is protected by the Italian Cultural and History Administration, but the inside has been entirely re-organised according to a luxurious, high comfortable and minimalist style. 
More info on renting this beautiful holiday home at the Casa Olive website

Pictures: (c) Hannes Henz  – thank Hannes you for letting me use them on my blog

Note: Please respect the photographers wish to not pin or re-use these pictures on other websites, thanks 😉