Meanwhile on the Island of Mykonos

The other day on Pinterest… or maybe I should say the other night as I always seem to end up on Pinterest just before going to sleep… I came across the picture above. I think my longing for summer and sun makes me want to look at pictures of beautiful beaches and white houses with patio’s. 

It was very small an I could only think on how beautiful this patio looked. I pinned it into the Patio and garden album I just started. Planning to do my garden some day I am {slowly} collecting images I like, hoping to find some pattern in this moodboard that helps me decide what to do with my own patio.

If you use it the right way, Pinterest is a very good way of sharing pictures and leading others back to the original source of the picture. So I ended up at The Contemporist where I found out it wasn’t a patio but the entrance of Linea Piu, a little shop on the Greek Island of Mykonos. A traditional looking building on the outside with a contemporary interior designed by Kois associated architects