Atelier 54 – An industrial Stockholm office

After a lovely week in Paris I am finally back on the blog and over the next few days I will try to pick up blogging and sort out my pictures of Paris. But for now a Stockholm workspace.

Atelier 54 is the studio of Photographer Hannah Lemholts friend Sara in Stockholm. I had seen the picture above online and was blown away by the wall and cupboard. So when I was mailing with Hannah about the Paris pictures, I had to ask her where the picture was made.

She then sent me some more pictures of Atelier 54… I thought it was really funny as I wanted to call my other project with the whole Andy Warhol vibe in mind.. Studio 54, as I live on number 54… But I did not because I thought it was a bit over the top *grin*. Sara’s office happens to be on that number too and she had the same idea… but changed it in Atelier 54 with the same reason.

All pictures (C) Hannah Lemholt