October 10, 2012

Giveaway - Win a cute Moroccan tea set & tea light holder

El Ramla Hamra has recently launched their first e-catalogue and refreshed their website with stunning new photos. Because we are very pleased with the results we'd like to celebrate this with a nice give-away. A cute Moroccan tea set and also a beautiful tea light holder, exactly like the picture. Total value of 60 Euro.

El Ramla Hamra is taking you away in a mix of Moroccan craftsmanship and contemporary elegance. Take a look...

How can you get involved?
Leave a message with your (e-mail)address where we can reach you under this blog and mention why you want to win this Moroccan tea set and light holder.

Do you want to create an additional chance on this beautiful set and stay informed about our inspirations and our products '' like '' the El Ramla Hamra  Facebookpage And leave on the El Ramla Hamra facebookpage the following message: '' I want the Moroccan tea set and light holder.’’

We want to give special thanks to Paulina Arcklin, stylist and photographer for making the beautiful photos.

- Win een Marokkaans theesetje met Kaarshouder -
El Ramla Hamra heeft onlangs haar eerste e-catalogue gelanceerd en haar website verfrist met prachtige nieuwe foto’s. Omdat wij erg blij zijn met het resultaat willen we dit graag vieren met een leuke give-away. Een schattig Marokkaans theesetje en ook nog een mooie waxinlichthouder, precies zoals op de foto. Totale waarde 60 Euro.

El Ramla Hamra neemt je mee in een mix van Marokkaanse vakmanschap en eigentijdse elegantie.

Hoe doe je mee?
Laat een bericht achter met je mail(adres) waar we je op kunnen bereiken en vermeldt waarom jij graag het theesetje plus waxinelichthouder wilt winnen.

Wil je een extra kans maken op dit mooie setje en op de hoogte blijven van onze inspiraties en producten ‘’like’’ dan El Ramla Hamra Facebookpagina en laat daar het volgende bericht achter: ‘’ Ik wil het Marokkaanse theesetje en licht houder.’’

We willen graag Paulina Arcklin stylist en fotograaf bedanken voor het maken van de prachtige foto’s.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful collection and so beautifully styled, I'd love to win and to inject some of this vibe into my home. My girlfriends and I were there this year and I would have a tea party reunion and to plan our next trip! sampage@outlook.com x

Christian said...

What a great Giveaway. - I really appreciate the moroccan artisan crafts and lifestyle... this set would carry a bit of this into our clean white and grayish styled guestroom.

Mail: christian (et) mission-wohntraum (dot) de

Anonymous said...

Waarom? Omdat ik vorig jaar op huwelijksreis naar Marrakech ben geweest en het mijn mooiste reis ooit was :)


Thomas (soilentgreen85@yahoo.com)

oliva said...

Why do I want to win? It's simple. Because Moroccan tea set and light holder are amazing and it's too want to!


hydroju said...

I want the Moroccan tea set and light holder. My mum always told me it's impolite to say "I want", anyway I want it. Why? Love at first sight can't be explained!


Anja said...

I'd love to win the set because it would perfectly to the moroccon lamp hanging in my hallway! Enjoying a nice moroccon mint tea from the tea set would be the perfect complement.

Greetings, Anja

My E-Mail: anja.cichowlas@gmail.com

Ilse van den Hoven said...

Mooi...!! Een jaar geleden hebben wij een rondreis gemaakt door Marokko en heel veel thee gedronken. Nu, 20 weken zwanger, drink ik weer liters thee! Setje is dus heel welkom :-)


Anonymous said...

I would like to win the moroccan tea set because it's very simple and beautiful and goes very well with all things moroccan I have bought in my trips to Morocco.
Thank you so much for the chance!

Lena said...

I would like to win the moroccan tea set because it would perfectly fit in my new flat <3 tea & moroccan style is the most beautiful couple ;)

Thank you!


Anya adores ☆ said...

I love Morocco and miss my travels there so would love this beatuiful set at home.
Fingers xx

Anonymous said...

I am leaving my home soon, to move at my own. And the tea set is just what I am missing :-)


nannette said...

Om mijn Berberse schoonzusje te verrassen met een peprmunt thee die ze nu eens niet zelf heeft gemaakt...

Anonymous said...

I love this set, and would definitely spice up my life and interior. I can see having autumn 'tea parties' in the garden with the beautiful tea set and fairy lights.


Felicitas Molina said...

I'd love to have that beautiful set!
But beside that, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy following yogur blog. Greetings from Buenos Aires.

Mail: felumolina@yahoo.com.ar

Kari said...

Ben fan van el ramla hamra van het eerste uur..
Uit mijn droom om ooit een Hammam te beginnen is nu mijn salon Hemels gestart.ook een droom is ooit naar Marokko te gaan,jullie spullen en foto,s daar kan ik al aardig bij weg dromen.
Probeer de salon al in Marokkaanse sferen te krijgen.
Deze tea set en lightholder zou er zeker al toe bijdragen.
Kan dan ook leuk reclame voor el ramla hamra maken.
Klanten krijgen dan uit het theesetje hun thee geserveerd.
heel veel succes met de actie...
groetjes karin

Miss Frangipani said...

A little bit of Morocco would be perfect in our Indian home. Morocco is on my list of places to see before I relocate to that grandly designed space in the sky; this tea set will remind me to make that trip (to Morocco, not the other place :)

frangipanidecor at gmail dot com

C.B. said...

I love the moroccan style. It's just so chic and ellegant (plus moroccan food is delicious). I'm gonna go on a wild guess here and assume it's a giveaway only for Europeans (I'm Canadian) but here's my email anyway:


Swati said...

this is ethereal! Blue is my fav. color ever and this would be at home in my blue, grey, and silver living room....fabulous blog, by the way.


Tricia Rose said...

What a fresh and beautiful take on Moroccan style!

louly said...

I would love to win this set. Blue is my accent colour in my dining room and kitchen and I already have a blue tajine sitting on the dining room buffet, so these would look perfect with it on the buffet and complete the look.

Louise (choquettel@videotron.ca)

ViTToRiNa said...

"Why I want to win this Moroccan tea set and light holder?"
Because, even though I`m in the other side of the world (I`m from Argentina!, I read international blogs of decoration and styling, and I love them!!
I had one of my own (VITTORINADISEGNO.BLOGSPOT.COM.AR)with the things I like and the things I do here to sell, in my spare time, because I´m a full time architect.
Now, the answer to the current topic...I really want this beatiful set because I think it would look lovely in my new home...yes, I´m leaving my parents house, and starting my independent life in a rented apartment I have to decorate right now!!! I´m so excited!!

ViTToRiNa said...

Ups!! I forgot to leave my e-mail adress....victoriabotti19@hotmail.com
Please choose me!!!

Katrin said...

I loved the catalogue - and the Moroccan tea set was one of my favourite items. My aunt used to have one when I was young, and I loved to drink tea with her. Would be fun tow in the Moroccan tea set and to start this tradition with my niece, too ...

lauren guilbeau said...

I'd love to win these! they'd be perfect for my new apartment!

dandelion said...

This set would look so cute in our living room! Love it!


dandelion said...

Liked them on FB


Anonymous said...

Because I drink tea all day long!


Szappanbubi said...

I love tea, I adore filigree or detailed light holders, candles everything with warm lght *_*
So with these beauties we could make the perfect atmosphere for having a relaxing & delicious cup of tea- we respect TEA- and not in hurry as ususally we do...

porcukorborso at gmail dot com

Danii Jella said...

Wat een leuk idee! Ik zou heel graag dit prachtige setje willen winnen omdat ik dol ben op muntthee en het setje perfect in m'n interieur past!

Danizilla said...

I would like to win this set because it would add a unique elegance to my home.

danishelley (at) gmail (dot) com

Rosalinda said...

I really love them. They're so beautiful things. Make me happy - please : )


Lynne said...

I would like to share tea with my friend Kathy and enjoy the beauty of this tea set. Thank you!

lynne at fairpoint dot net

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to go to Marocco! Unfortunatelly I don't have the time and money to do so, but I believe that having this beatiful blue set at home would take me there - that is why want it!

Please reach me at my email
verageorgieva (at) ymail (dot) com

Thanx so much!

&SUUS said...

Bedankt voor je berichtje op mijn blog en give away alert :) Had deze mooie give away al gespot, maar na ons bezoek aan Marrakech heb ik uiteraard zo'n zelfde soort setje meegenomen, alleen een ander kleurtje :)
Dus ik doe niet mee....wel mooi!

Goed weekend!

Kat said...

It's soo beautiful, would be an amazing addition to our house! :)

katch05 at gmail dot com

siilenti said...

I would love to win because that set is just stunning. I would definitely have to invite people over to have tea just to show it off ;)

siilentii27 at gmail dot com

Rachel M said...

❥❥ Canada is sooooooo cold in the winter, this tea set would warm my heart and soul! ❥❥ Being a new mom of two, I haven't slept a solid night's sleep in almost 2 years, so this would also be a comforting thing for me to relax with in my infrequent 'alone' time. ❥❥

I love your blog & style!
❤ ❤ ❤

Chiara said...

Why do I want them? Because they are beautiful and magical: tea and light to meet a dreamy autumnal twilight.


Natasja kroneman said...

Ik zou hem dolgraag winne, vind hem echt adembenemend mooi, dit makt thee drinken nog gezelliger en specialer..XX

Anonymous said...

I would love to win, Im just a few days back from a family visit in Morocco, was planning to buy a tea set, but got sick the last week and had to stay in bed, so did not get the change to shop for this. Being back after a holiday I miss my family and by drinking our traditonal mint tea my homesick feeling will be less because it feels like being back in Morocco, and hopefully also makes me feel better since I am still sick :(

Martine vianen said...

Heel lang getwijfeld mee te doen met give-aways maar ze zijn er natuurlijk niet voor niets. Echter deze is wel heel erg mooi! Ben gek op de marokkaanse dienbladen, theepotten, suikerdozen. Heb ze ook in huis. (Dienblad suikerpot al jaren) Het blijft mooi en verveeld nooit. In mijn Interieur wat een mix is van design, kringloop, zwart, wit, grijs, hout en toefjes kleur in kunst, kaarsen en kussens.

Unknown said...

I would love to have this tea set and light in my home to serve my family tea! As it is, tea is a good break from your day, waiting for the leaves to brew, blowing across the glass to cool your first sip, your family sitting together, eyes and hearts open...add in the beauty in your tea set and you have a wonderful vision to commit to memory. I know, its silly, but I have 2 teens approaching adulthood and every second counts, every memory is carried with them after they leave the family nest.

christine said...

I want to win them because I love tea and they are so lovely!


matilda said...

beautiful items from great Marocco