Advent calender ideas – snapshots from Vosgesparis readers

December is slowly approaching and has always been one of my favorite   months of the year. Not only are we celebrating Sinterklaas in the Netherlands. It is also my birthday month and of course there is Christmas. One of my childhood memories is this huge calender I got with 24 little doors.. one to open everyday till Christmas. The best part was the chocolate  behind every door!

Now this Plywood calender from Weekday Carnival is, I think, really fresh and contemporary. Here is how you make it: Hammer twelve small nails into the plywood and place those into the corner of each triangle. Then wire and tighten rubber string between the nails. You can pimp this calendar the way you want by using different shapes and colours. Print out the numbers  1-24 and cut them out to make your own. Thank you Weekday Carnival for the idea and the use of your pictures.

Click and print
Next idea comes from Stylizimo where Nina showed this Advent calender made with masking tape and wooden clothes pins filled with little gifts. Find the instructions on how to make it here on Nina’s blog.

And while you’re there be sure to check out Trendz A new section on Stylizimo where you can find hot news from a selected group of design blogs and where you can follow and share their posts.  

I also really loved the idea of Karine last year who made 24 little sachets. She used brown paper bags, wrote the numbers on them and closed them with a simple clothes pin Hope there is some DIY idea for you in are you are planning an Advent calender. I am having an early lunch and off to Flavorites Live the Dutch Web shop event. Have a nice weekend all and see you on Monday with a new giveawaway!
Pictures via Weekday Carnival, Stylizimo and Bodie and Fou