Imperfection in wood and ink

I was having a nice week of Herfst (autumn) vacation, as we call it here in the Netherlands, last week. And actually quite busy… Off to DDW in the first weekend and having dinner in the fabulous USINE, where we had a great salad with wasabi-mayonaise [Now how Tasty is that!!] It really was a week of eating out and meeting friends…  I cold easily get used to eat outside for three times a week 😉

Then last Sunday I went to Fort Festijn at Haarlemmerliede, a small fair in a tiny village near Amsterdam. Several web shop owners were there to sell [I bought a little copper cap for some lightning plan I am working on for some time now] And very nice to finally meet Ingrid from Wood Wood Stool as well, she printed me this word on a piece of wood… perfect hey !