Christmas wonder world at SUKHA AMSTERDAM

Wishing you a very happy Christmas eve from under the white tree at Sukha Amsterdam. Ain’t it a beautiful and serene corner! Sukha is truly in my top 3 of most beautiful stores in town. Being able to transform the look of the store every time into a completely new wonder world shows how strong their concept and the talent of the styling team is! Once again a big ‘thank you’ to Sukha for sending me these pictures. Good luck and onto more beautiful and inspiring projects in 2013.

And to you, my loyal bunch of lovely readers. Thank you for being here! 

Merry X-Mas to all of you X

 All pictures in this post are taken and copyright by Jeltje Janmaat.

Find Sukha Amsterdam at Haarlemmerstraat 110, near central Station and if you are up for a walk in this area have a look at my Amsterdam City Guide.

This is how Sukha looked early this year in April 2012 : Welcome to the wonderful world of Sukha Amsterdam and here you can see pictures of the fall – September 2012 : BACK …. to the wonderful world of Sukha Amsterdam