December 14, 2012

Living the loft life

#birthday present and card
How do you like Instagram.... I think it is a great way to stay in touch with your family and blogger friends. It's fun to post random stuff to your account that you would not post on your blog. On Instagram I found out about the foreign trips of other bloggers, what the hotels look like and even what they had for breakfast.

I see beautiful sunsets from the south of France, nature and city's from over the world and sneak peeks into fotoshoots. Now and then I post something on my account. You can find me at [desireevosgesparis] The picture below had the subtitle: Living the loft life and was one of those random shots from my home. 


Stylemaedchen/ Imke said...

I must confess - I am an Instagram addict. I even post less on my blog since I discovered it. I love the filters and like you say - It's great to get a glimpse of the lives of others all across the globe. It's instant joy! Find me here

Best wishes from snowy Berlin,

Marcella said...

Mooie foto die met fiets en tijdschriftenrek!

Ik heb ook Instagram (een persoonlijk account (marcellavd) en voor mijn blog (stripesandwalls)), maar ben nog een beetje zoekende wat ik nou wel en niet plaats en op welk account.

Maar het is inderdaad heerlijk om mooie foto's van anderen te bekijken; nu zelf nog even aan de slag ermee! :)

hviit said...

Love it:) See you on instragram, sweety!