A work space in black! {DIY your own magazine rack}

Yesterday I showed you a white workspace from Hitta Hem. Scrolling down through the blog I came a cross an all black work space with a self-made magazine rack. Now….. I try to avoid re-blogging other people’s post all the time. As I think every blog should have it’s own identity. But I couldn’t help myself as I am totally in love with this styled corner. 

Scrolling down the post I have to agree that magazine racks are great to make personal styled corners with your favorite books or pictures in every corner of your home. Just like the picture rails in this post: How to display your favorite books  a magazine rack would look great next to your bed. You could even add a little clip lamp for reading.

The good thing is you can also find instructions on how to make your own! DIY Magazine rack Thanks girls for this great idea!

Styling Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse – Photographer Christopher Johnson – last picture by Marie Ramse