I’ll stop wearing black the day they make a darker color

I loved this quote I’ll stop wearing black the day they make a darker color IKEA Livet Hemma used in their email this morning. Black is an ongoing trend, both in fashion and interior design, along with pastels and blue. Remember I used this wonderful blue in the colortrend I made some time ago. On the picture a nice DIY Idea with an IKEA mulig valet stand, painted in stylish black. Also the painted shelving unit stand seems like a great idea that you could use in the bedroom or hallway.

Next to these DIY Ideas from our Swedish friends, I also found some new products in my inbox today. This huge sticker will hit the shops soon… now I am not a lover of clocks in my home… to be honest I hate ticking clocks as the make me think of long sits in boring rooms and not being able to escape because it wouldn’t be polite to do so… But I thought the chair was really nice and black!
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