Welcome to the other side…

Welcome to the other side …

*where we create ideas*
*walk through Paris in our dreams*
*believe in simplicity and imperfection*
*like to surround us with positive people*
*enjoy listening to our favorite music*

*love to meet new people*
*encourage our friends*
*are thankful*
*love to laugh*
*do epic shit*
*look at the stars*

*love to inspire*
*work hard*

*are kind*
*enjoy to travel*
*love freedom*
*dress in black*
*drink lots of coffee*
*believe in miracles*

Welcome to 2013 lets make it an amazing year!

I couldn’t help myself and made a collage of my personal favorites of 2012! like I did for 2011.. Black is still my favorite and it doesn’t even surprise me! Rock on!