Finding the balance between Scandinavian whites and French grays

While writing this weeks giveaway and looking at pictures I noticed this beautiful tablesetting of Norm DinnerwareI wrote about the line Norm architects and Menu designed for the Copenhagen restaurant Höst before,  when I showed the styling work of Emma: New Norm dinnerware photoshoot – styled by Emma Fexeus

Beautiful design, all in my favorite colors! But what I also really love in this picture is the combination of the tableware and that grey linen tablecloth. I guess it is this balance between Scandinavian design and the grey linen that’s adding a French touch that I love. A bit like using both old an new stuff or combining design with industrial furniture in your home. It’s all about finding the right balance between the two and what feels good for you I guess.  

pictures by  Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen – Trine Thorsen / styling Tara Ballantyne