New York City Baby!! | Blogtour NYC 2013 presented by Modenus

I have this tune in my head for a some weeks now…. walking through the hallway at my daily job, with my head in the clouds singing New York, New York!…. A couple of weeks ago I got a lovely email from Veronika from Modenus asking me if I would like to come to New York for Blogtour 2013! It took me less then 24 hours to write her back with my answer…. YES! of course I would love that! wouldn’t you!

So yeahhhh that is the good news of today! A big wish of mine – visiting New York – will  come true and I am really grateful to have been chosen for this amazing design adventure and for the sponsors to make this possible.

Together with a bunch of other happy bloggers from all over the planet we will have some design tours and visiting the Architectural Digest Home Design show. And I am sure there will be plenty of more fun things to happen! New York Baby!!!