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March 26, 2013

Brooklyn by CEZ | Guestpost

Hello...It's me again, Cez posting at vosgesparis today!!  And today, because Desiree was in NYC (and is having a major jetlag) I am in the mood to speak about one of my favorite area's  there: Brooklyn. I used to live in North America for few years and I had some crush on some typic restaurants in Brooklyn that I gonna share with you...

The first one is
 ISA's restaurant Love the brick walls, the wood shelves and the natural atmosphere.The second one is one of my fave... The Saraghina Cafe with its old wooden tables, the small cage in the middle of the room made of recycled windows, the objects hanged from the ceiling... cosy and imperfectly perfect!!!

The last one is  the Fette Sau BBQ restaurant. Love the old reclaimed stools, the recycled lamps and the stunning wall with pieces of meat drawn on it!!!!... authentic butcher atmosphere ...