Guestpost: Happy Interior Blog | Shop Love: Ladoug in Munich

Hello dear Vosgesparis readers! My name is Igor and I am the blogger over at Happy Interior Blog. If you click on my blog you will quickly see, that the aesthetics of Desiree and me differ considerably. However, we both share a great love and passion for interior design and styling. Not to mention that we are good friends – but that is another story. When Desiree asked me to guest blog here, I was a excited and a bit challenged. How could I make you feel good with my post? How could I share something that might not be completely uninteresting for you?

I’ve decided to share one of my favorite interior stores in Munich with you. Ladoug is a real gem in the hip quarter of Glockenbach. It is a small and intimate boutique packed with hand selected home accessories from around the globe. Andrea Douglas, the charming shop owner, travels the world to source her products of which most are handcrafted and traditional. You will find beautiful ceramics, vintage cushions and glassware, antique Moroccan wedding blankets, weathered pharmacy cabinets and other vintage furniture pieces.

Whenever I enter Ladoug I am sort of drawn into another world. This little break of let’s call it ‘interior design escapism’ is a real delight when I need new ideas and inspirations for my home. Eventually, I always end up with a little goodie that I take home and add to my tiny abode.

I hope you enjoyed my little guest visit and the brief excursion to Munich and maybe I can welcome you on my blog, too! You are very welcome!