Blogtour NYC | Day 3 | Business of Design and midnight walks

Studio of Vincente Wolf

And day 3 it was…. I was just looking up the Modenus website to see the programm to remember what we all did on day 3 and the post opened with:
Two full days and we’re still going strong? Absolutely! BlogTour can sleep once they’re on their planes home, in the meantime it’s design, design, design!

And that is pretty much where it was about! But hey we loved it… Blogtour is a great experience and it feels pretty special to be on tour with a bunch of happy bloggers. Anyway off to Soho on this 3rd day. I loved this part of town The sun was shining and a great Designer breakfast was waiting for us at the studio of well known Vincente Wolf who talk with us about his work and travels… really inspirational and great to hear how he started in the business. He had some amazing quotes. But the mean lesson was that Believing in what you are doing is the key to success!   

Next stop was Bespoke Global and who talked about their online success stories. We all pretty much loved the building and great lunch at and most importantly the espresso machine! We ended the afternoon at the Central Kitchen and Bath showroom with a media tour and cocktails with Mr. Steam. We had some real fun with the steam showers and the ever happy and always laughing Mrs. Steam and her colleagues.

Then it was off in town…. Although all the taxi’s were a big plus on this Blogtour, we couldn’t leave NY without a tour in the Metro in the direction of the Meatpacker district….

We had a dinner booked at hot spot 
Buddakan (if you are a Sex and the city fan it might ring a bell!) Right in front is Mr. Google‘s head office, who provided us with free Wifi  (probably the thing most  looked for during the whole week as we are a bit of geeks anyway;) We had an amazing dinner and although the music was loud, it felt so energetic! We ended the day with a walk on Times Square somewhere around midnight and a look on it from the top bar at the Mariott Hotel. Realizing blogtour was nearly over…. 

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