Brooklyn | Blogtour NYC

Visiting Brooklyn during BlogtourNYC was one of the highlights of my week in New York. I just loved the atmosphere and still regret I did not stay longer and see some more… on the other hand NYC is not that far and I am sure I will be back one day! I found some last pictures that I wanted to share I made walking towards one of the workplaces we visited.

I spotted this guy and his dogs turning into the street and waited till he passed to make a picture of him… I stayed pretty much behind the group in Brooklyn as I kept seeing things I liked and wanted to make pictures of. Here’s a little impression of Brooklyn – Dumbo.

Bricks and concrete

Workplace of Eric Manigian – clean minimalist design
Thinking of Brookly I also thought about this concrete Musical Platform I saw. I never showed the pictures because I was planning a top 3 of the AD Home Design show. But I was really impressed, and in love by it. It’s designed by Brooklyn based company In Sek Design. An Industrial Design/Build company started by Ashira Israel. Used materials:Concrete, Resin, Steel, Walnut Veneer, Ebony