Package Love | Japanese Tableware

The other week while flying back home to Amsterdam I was having a last coffee with Ricarda, one of the other Europeans bloggers of BlogtourNYC We had a coffee at the airport and I bought a package of chewing gum [I showed it here on Instagram ]. We thought it looked like a good example of a great package. I had to think of this when I came across this beautiful packed tableware from Japan on Cloth and Goods, the package is almost as good as the actual product. 

The tableware is a series of paper goods for the table that are compostable and made from renewable materials; bamboo, reed and sugarcane pulp. The sophisticated design replicates organic forms, reflects the strong legacy of Japanese aesthetics, and received the Good Design Award from the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design.

Pictures via cloth and goods – made by Lisa Warninger – Thanks for letting me use them

Happy weekend all 😉