A Rock & Roll home in grey and white

Music, studs, coffee, faux leather jackets, books, bikes, white linen and lots of records are pretty much the ingredients of the home that belongs to my daughter. I love her attitude where Rock&Roll and a healthy way of life go hand in hand. Together with family and friends we have been helping with her new home in the last months.

We took out hundreds of nails from the original floorboards painted them white several times. Took out all doors |they still need to be painted as you see on the pictures| and painted the whole home in two beautiful shades of grey with chalk paint from l’authentique . Even the bathroom where a sealer for protection was used. 

In this corner you can see the how well the lighter colour ‘concrete’ and a darker colour called ‘zink and zo’ go together. Beside looking really warm the paint almost has a velvet feeling which I like a lot. I love the combination with the white painted floorboards.


I have known Silvia, the woman behind L’authentique, for years. Back in 2006 (I think it was) we met at an online forum where home and decor enthusiastics gathered together to exchange tips and pictures of their homes.I still remember how we helped here choose the paint names for her first collection. Since then her paint is sold throughout the whole country.





Pictures Vosgesparis

|Samenvatting en verf informatie|
Enkele foto’s uit het huis van mijn dochter, Door het hele huis is krijtverf gebruikt van L’authentique in twee verschillende tinten grijs. ‘Concrete’ en ‘Zink en Zo’. Jaren geleden (2006 geloof ik) heb ik Silvia, de eigenaresse van l’authentique, op een online woonplatform ontmoet.Ik herinner mij nog hoe we haar hielpen de namen van haar eerste verf collectie te bedenken .