Believe in yourself | Poster art

How do you like those posters telling you on how to live your life or this one on how to believe in yourself. Good Fucking design advice |forgive me the swearing| made a whole range of posters, mugs and t shirts with these kind of quotes… No Fucking Sans Serife made me smile. 

I personally love the ‘this is your life’ poster. I saw it in a huge size at FAB when we visited their very cool NYC office during Blogtour. I have it framed and it stands on my industrial kitchen table: Tiles and Tajinis I also wrote the text on my black cupboard… Did you see it on Instagram yesterday? I find it really motivating and love how everytime other words and sentences draw my attention. Do you have a favorite quote or realy motivating poem?

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Pictures 1: Hannahs Room 2: Vosgesparis