Black Feathers and Fluffiness

When making new pictures I finally managed to clean out my studio. I brought lots of souvenirs and brochures back from the city trips I made these last months. And I really should find another way to order everything. Remember the bags I made: Collecting travel memories | Easy DIY with paper bags They were fun to make but I need something stronger like small boxes. If you came across some cool ideas let me know, I would love to make a new post with your ideas on how to collect travel memories

I also found these shiny black feathers in a box which I bought years ago. Feathers are totally hot as decoration in interiors at the moment and I love how Lola & Kate framed them, they are for sale at Harvest and Company  

framed feathers from Lola & Kate
– beauty via Love warriors
More fluffiness on this picture made by the fabulous Hannah Lemholt – I am so in love with this dreamy pictures