Inspiration for your home | New ideas with Uashmama Carry Bags

This last weekend was so good! The sun was shining and with a nice breeze blowing through my home I felt so energetic and finally finished some projects. It was great to find time to make some changes and I shoot lots of new pictures.

The good thing was, I got a package from my sponsors Moes & Griet the day before. I thought the Carry Bag would be a great alternative for a plant pot and would fit the natural look I am bringing into the home for Spring. How do you like it?

This is the Carry Bag and I have fallen a bit in love with it! Can you believe it is paper, it looks like leather, is washable as fabric and retains its shape. I love the basic look of it, but most of all I love the natural feeling it adds to my kictchen.

In my studio I am using paper bags for all little office supplies. They are available in several colors, sizes and models. I am using the large black, medium white and small grey bag. The perfect colors for my home!  

Moes & Griet are exclusive distributor of the Benelux for UASHMAMA ® products and have a web shop where they sell all bags and other beautiful and stylish products.