Memories on concrete | My living room

Hey guys! Finally back online after a great long weekend in Berlin… It had been such busy weeks that I needed to look after my home and empty fridge a bit over the last two days.. But first of all a big thank you for all the great response on my talk, really appreciated it and great to have found lots of new blogger friends from all over the place. I will try to add all the blogs of the people I talked with in my ‘New blogs to read list’ |right over at the right sidebar|

Talking about my home, people tell me I am not really showing it because I show often corners of my home. I think I have a pretty good balance between the two but here you go. A wide shot of my living that I made while working on photos for a German Book projekt – An exciting collaboration –

The concrete wall is great for adding up different things and I keep changing it a lot But for now I love it like this! THe clipping and lamp I both bought in Stockholm. I love bringing home little things for my home from city trips. Just a small corner to bring back memories of good times.

Pictures by Desiree – Vosgesparis