Rock and Roll elegance | Fashion – Tiger of Sweden |

I personally can’t think of any other color being the coolest of all then black… Just like my blog and home, which are both all black and white whith different shades of grey. My wardrobe is overall black and white….. Ofcourse there are little touches of ‘color’ in my home, but nothing really present… Looking around from where I sit now “hanging on the couch” I can only spot a bit of gold in a concrete bowl and some color from books and magazines. 

Same for my wardrobe… there are some faded blue jeans and one ore two blue tees.. but everything else in my favorite shades. I have a little Pinterest album that more or less shows the style I love most: Le Style  Anyway I guess that if you ‘know’ me a bit you’ll understand why I love this fall 2012 Black jeans collection by Tiger of Sweden where I also found these images.