Marble and Milk | New &Tradition lamp

With this cute new little lamp from &Tradition (It’s the Milk lamp in case you wonder why I called this post marble and milk 😉 it was a good moment to add a bit of marble to my besta’s. There are many marble trays for sale lately and I like them because they are great for styling. I thought it was fun to use the large piece I have. And am using it it here as a backdrop for some black accessories. I actually love this piece of marble…. it is heavy and I have it for ever

I normally use it in my kitchen, because marble is one of the best surfaces to use while making pasta fresca (fresh pasta) Yes! I am one of those who has a pasta machine and I love to eat a homemade ravioli. I am a food lover in general and as my kids are half Italian, you can imagine I made lots of fresh pasta on it. Strangely enough it used to be the top of my grandmothers night table. To bad you can’t smell the black musc candle I got at Andreas Murkudis in Berlin.

For summer I thought Brigitte Bardot with her summer hat looks great but I am also loving the girl with the big eyes below, what do you prefer.

pictures (c) Vosgesparis