August 23, 2013

Yaya Flagship store | Fashion Friday

I already showed you a sneak peek yesterday on my Instagram account of my latest purchase at the new Yaya Flagship store that opened it's doors this last week. I visited the store two days ago and I couldn't stop looking around and feeling immensely proud! Proud of my friend Anouk who made the concept and designed this first Yaya home fashion store.

A beautiful combination of a fashion and home-wares collection, relaxed with a luxury bite. The experience is based on the feeling of visiting a good friend who makes you feel at home. Their new store reflects the same mix of modern, nonchalant living and never boring classics. Anouk shared some pictures with me and you can find more on her own blog  

Find Yaya at the main Amstelveen shopping mall 
Credits: photography - photostyling Branding, concept and design, shop styling



It´s beautiful! No wonder you are proud of your friend..

Have a nice weekend! See you soon :)


Anne said...

Ik sluit me even aan bij die tienermeisjes :) I think I'm in love. Helaas woon ik niet meer in Nederland, dus een bezoekje brengen zit er even niet in...

Christine Stevense said...

Wauwie! Got to go soon (if only for the shop-styling ;o) x

Claudia vB said...

Beautiful style and pictures!

Albertine Grolmusova said...

Hi Desiree, it is absolutely fantastic.... I would like to visit this store..yes yes yes..
Have a nice weekend!

Anneke said...

Wauwst gaaf! De winkel staat nog niet eens op de Yaya site en jij hebt er al foto's van.
Geweldige styling! Dat wordt snel naar Amstelveen op familiebezoek en een rondje shoppen!

Anya Jensen said...

Oh I adore it - well done Anouk - and now I wish I was coming to Amsterdam :-) Happy weekend love,

Nannette Glorie said...

Ik zag eerder al een aantal mooie foto's bij AnoukB, wat een geweldige inrichting, je bent vast uren blijven hangen, niet?
Volgende keer in Nederland ga ik langs!!

MissionToStyle said...

Super leuk stukje! Ik ben ook zooooo trots!
I feel YAYA!

XO Danielle

Scotch en Soda said...

Wow, wat een prachtige foto's!