DesignTrade Copenhagen | Our Bloggerzone

Hej ! I am just back from Copenhagen 
Design Trade fair. Where we worked for 3 days in our Blogger zone and around the fair. I planned to wander a bit through Copenhagen on Monday but it didn’t really worked out as Anna and me just enjoyed chatting, sitting in the sun and having lunch and coffees to much. 

The next day we headed of to the Bella centre to set up the blogger zone. We had all chosen products from several brands who were at the fair to show in our own stands. As our tastes are very much alkike, Emma, Anna and myself were collaborating together on setting up a small ‘mini house’ using the three stands in the back of the hall. We decided on having a family table as the centerpiece for dining and working and a small lounge area and small working space on the sides….

I worked on the office space and choose some simple white metal shelves decorated with perspex boxes for the office supplies | all by Nomess| with some copper and natural elements.

Under the shelves storage boxes from Rie Elise Larsen and a bar stool and rug |Broste Copenhagen| I also used several other small items around the Hay stuff box on the working part off the table of which the small black TineK bag is my personal favorite. I will make another post later this week to tell some more about the brands and the products I used. 

Pictures (C) Desiree/Vosgesparis Pictures 1 & 6-9 by Riikka with thanks!

And of course don’t forget to have a look at the other bloggers pages |Emma, Anna, Nina, Riikka, Agata, Igor, Gerard and Alan| as we will all showing our booths in the upcoming week. (i will add the links as soon as I see some updates!)