Natural mood and whites | because we do not need colour

It is something really personal of course … The use of colour! But no colour for me please as I am totally happy living in an interior as the one above. It might be the cool wall or the use of my favorite couch | Ghost designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni | or my all time favorite lamp | Z1 by Nelson Sepulveda for Ay Illuminate | but I love the neutral and calm atmosphere of this home shot by Hannah Lemholt.

She always shoots the most dreamy pictures for Love Warriors. And if I had a few thousand euro to save up or just to spent like that…. I would run to the nearest shop and buy the couch!! Just a normal one for my small living and not like all like the huge one Paola Navone has in her Parisian home: Parisian home of Paola Navone which comes pretty much to my dreamhome.
Chair and wooden stools with Peace sign via : Love warriors shop

So no colours for me but I DO love a good amount of black and I love these picture of the home of
Elisabeth Heier who has the Ghost couch combined with a black table, I guess we have a bit of the same taste because in her really cool home I also noticed another favorite of mine… The koushi lamp by marc Eden Schooley

I guess both the sofa as these lamps are just a really good combination to bring some natural softness to a home… Would you go for it in your home?