June 6, 2012

Simple + serene + Paris part 2
More of the Parisian loft of Paola Navone

I don't know about you  but when I see a home I like, I love to see more of it...  I mean seeing a room from another angle may give you more of an idea how the place really looks like and might even give you more inspiration for your own home.

Last year I showed some pictures from the Parisian home of Paola Navone in Simple + Serene + Paris and I was very happy to find some more pictures of her home last week. There is this little movie as well on my blog where she shows us her apartment... I love how she talks about the pieces and things in the home and I have seen it a dozen of times already... I guess I have to admit she is a bit of a design hero to me.

Just loving this place with it bare walls and combination of concrete and wooden floors. The out of scale, sometimes huge pieces of furniture and the Koushi lamp by Photographer Mark Eden Schooley in the corner where she has placed a collection of differnt chairs. What I am loving most I think is the combination between designer pieces and self made really simple things like the huge dining table in the kitchen.

pictures via Cote Maison


Lau de Casalil said...

Just gorgeous place for an incredible inspired lady... I love her table with sewed boards.. and las time In Merci I thought about you by seing her last spotted b&w seats! Have a great bloggers weekend!

Miss M said...

Prachtig, deze groene tint eetkamerstoelen! Ze springen echt in het oog.
Mooie ruimte; zou ik ook wel willen hebben!

Fijne dag, lieve groet, Marjolijn

Igor Josifovic said...

Wow, the walls are stunning and the selection of furniture and colours is pretty eclectic against a serene, white backdrop. Cool!

Tibs said...

Amazing home! So many amazing statement pieces all around the apartment.
I'd love to swap homes with Paola!

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style said...

Love the daring mix. So forbidden - yet soooo right. Thanks for sharing. /Lisbeth

ordinette said...

it looks like a concept store and a work in progress home. very interesting.

Joana Carvalheira said...

WOW! So lovely suggestions in this post! Thank you for sharing! The first suggestion is my favourite. Love the combination of the green with the grey scale! ; )

Delightfull | Unique Lamps

blooms said...


caroline @trend-daily said...

Incredible home. Eclectic, but still simple and so stunning-I could look at the pictures again and again-thanks so much for sharing! :-)

Bleudelavande said...

Semplicemente stupenda questa casa!!!!! Ed io sono d'accordo con te, anch'io quando visito una casa che mi piace, vorrei visitarla tutta!!!!!!!
ti auguro un buon pomeriggio.

creative mind and living said...

Wow gorgeous place!!

Love this blogg.
Have a nice weekend.


Cez said...

je ne m'en lasse pas!!!!

Servies en Brocante said...

Wow, wat heb je toch altijd super foto's .. die stoelen zijn top springen er zo lekker uit. Mooie ruimte..!!
Fijn weekend alvast

Helena Amourdedieu said...


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Amina said...

This house is very wide and full of vitality!!


Makelemon8 said...

Wow, lovely....and a lot of colours for a Vosges-post ;-)

Glitterati said...

Incredible :)

Ainosofia said...


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Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

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Jen of MadeByGirl said...

this home is so stunning, wow!


robin said...

wat origineel, wat vernieuwend, wat uniek! thanks for the input desiree

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ANALILY said...

oooh!The Alluring and unthinkable, the imperfect and warmth!