Out of the Blue conceptstore | Dutch Design week

Last week I was in Eindhoven for Dutch Design Week. Instead of running from one part to the other side of town we decided to just go with the flow. It was such an amazing nice and sunny day that we didn’t even used the Mini’s that were availible for transportation as we prefered to walk. Ofcourse we visited a few exibitions on Our way to StrijpS where I had to bring a visit to the Out of the blue conceptstore. The store is as amazing as the owners home, which I showed on the blog last week | An amazing industrial loft in the Netherlands |

Sometimes you come across something that you really love to bits and this is one of them! I remember sitting across the street of the building, where both the store and the loft are situated, last year… Thinking on how amazing it would be to live in that industrial building with its black metal windows…. It is all even better then I could imagine then. 

Of course I also made some pictures of the places and spaces we visited which I wanted to upload to my Pinterest boards, but…. I lost my USB stick so will have to do the whole process from taking them from my camera again.. so yeah… hang on and meanwhile just enjoy these pictures that I luckily saved on my iPad. 

Pictures (C) Vosgesparis