Your Moodboards for the Piet Hein Eek for Histor challenge | Part 1

Hey there and good morning 😉 Today I will be showing you some of the moodboards I received for our Piet Hein Eek & Histor challenge! Did you already joined the competition at the Histor site? You can still join till October 15! |click here to join the ‘101 characters’ competition| Meanwhile keep sending me your moodboards and ideas you shared with Histor, I would love to show them on the blog, like the one above from Margreet of Oui Oui! What do you think of them? 

Moodboard: Perfect imperfection by Margreet of Oui Oui
Colors: White with a black dripping paint effect in black/legs in Mus grey/wood 
Inspiration: water,fashion & Interiors like the wall styling by Lotta Agaton and the vases of Normann Copenhagen.
Pictures in the moodboard  vases woman eye Lotta Agaton Styling

Moodboard: Stay Wild by Cez of Mechant Design
Colors: Black, White and grey
Inspiration: A cupboard that looks like herself: Half Rock-half Wild!

As Cez is a really good designer she also made a drawing of ‘her’ cabinet
Pictures in the moodboard via

Moodboard: by Christine of House of C
Here is what Christine says about here moodboard: I would love to give my cabinet a daring combination of feminine and raw. Lovely soft pink that reminds me of spring together with grey like concrete in a large factory and robust brown like branches on trees. Strong lines in the wonderful colors allerliefst, cyber and cacao. That’s what i like!
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