November 15, 2013

X X X BERLIN | Black Fashion Multi-Label store

3 small x'es on a wall in the back of a courtyard in Berlin.... was all that indicated this amazing fashion world I visited last May when Emma and I did a little shopping tour through Berlin. Taking a look at the pictures I guess you can imagine how much we both liked this store... x X x-BERLIN is a Multi-Label store for artisinal, avant-garde, exclusive mens and womenswear + accessories, art and music.

Pictures (C) Vosgesparis


Lubica Tothova said...

amazing pics...I love it...

Vera said...

Never have been to Berlin but hoping 2014 will be the year we travel there. Every time House Hunters International on HGTV does a Berlin episode I watch it spell bound.

Oh Desiree thank you for posting about XXX Black.
Black is the only color in my closet!

Visually stunning in every way, the stores industrial look, the staging of clothes, the props and how beautifully the brown pops off the black and white of the interior.

You always delight my senses with your blog.

Valérie { Atelier rue verte } said...

Superbe cet endroit ... and the pics are beauiful, thanks ! Valérie

Maxim Leone said...

I went to Berlin for the first time this spring and I fell in love with the city. I was amazed by it's calm energy and how nice people were.

But as for xxx Berlin goes, I wasn't able to find it ! We walked for hours, asking people and even at the hotel, they weren't able to explain to me where it was.

And that is genius : it only makes me wanna go even more ! I'll go back to Berlin soon so I'll track it down no matter what ! :)

Great photographs !


*Molly* said...

I love this!
Lovely hugs