Painting it Black | A sneak peek at X-Mas

After our shopping adventure at Intratuin I came home with so many ideas that I started working on them as soon as I could… For this year I thought of focusing on my kitchen for X-Mas and you might remember I have a black wall in my kitchen already!…. 

I really love it and I thought it would be great to make another wall completely black as a background for the copper ornaments I selected. As much as I love my white home during Spring and Summer, I love a bit of dark colours, winter images, candles and blankets when it is getting colder.

Although I had many ideas I decided to keep it as simple and basic as possible keeping the idea ‘less is more’ in the back of my head. I have been using copper a lot the last few months and I simply adore the combination with black! That is also the reason I decided to use black painted branches instead of a green X-Mas tree… but who knows I might get myself a tiny one later because I do love the smell of real trees during the holiday season.

Inspiration can come up from the strangest things and I got mine from a picture of a magazine rack, I loved how the magazines were displayed at different heights and decided to print out some pictures from my Pinterest Winter album and add them to the wall with adhesive copper tape that is originally used for protecting plants.

I also got myself two metal trestles and some plywood to make a little sideboard, as I think it looks really beautiful with a black wall. And how do you like these matte grey and copper X-Mas baubles? The colored ribbon is also from Intratuin. I will use it to hang some Christmas ornaments on an installation above my kitchen table… so stay tuned!

No Christmas without candles… both from DIY stores – Scandinavia and Intratuin. How will you decorate your home this year and what is your inspiration?