January 8, 2014

DIY for your home | Minimalistic RK Design calendar

Tonight I love to share this calendar Riikka showed on her blog Weekday Carnival, she made is as a free download (not available anymore, sorry), so if you want a quick solution to keep track on the days, here you go! On her website you will also find a link to her webshop where you can find more of her work! I love the pictures she made of it at her home and to see back some of the props we bought during our blogger tour in Berlin in the amazing Modulor shop!  

Also don't forget to enter this weeks Giveaway by One Must Dash and choose your own poster in Black and white or colour! 

Pictures (C) Weekday Carnival with thanks


Samantha Stansbridge said...

:-) thanks for the link. love how simple it is.

Oludita said...

Great calendar. Thank you for link :)

Tim Anderson said...

Can someone please give me the link to download? I can't seem to access it๐Ÿ˜ž

vosgesparis said...

Sorry Tim Riika stopt with her blog But she has a book called OK together with Susanna Vento