Inspiration in BLACK | Charcoal by Occulter

Black represents sophistication, rebellion, and being tough…. No wonder I fell in love with the lifestyle products made out of Japanese traditional charcoal, chosen by the owners of NYC based Occulter. I personally always choose items in black or white for my own home. And if you are a Monochrome lover like me you will certainly understand that this goes for everything I surround myself with! 

In my bathroom I prefer a simple soap dish with an amazing piece of black soap, a cool black toothbrush or a super soft Binchotan Facial Puff (try it!). If my wallet can afford it, I always try to buy pure and beautiful items, instead of colourful and cheap personal care products… I’m still missing that stunning bathroom to go with it, but I guess we all have to start somewhere 😉 I would love to hear about your favorite brand!