The Blogger Apartment | Blog tour Stockholm #1

Furniture and accessories by One Nordic | No Early BirdsGranit 

One of the best things of our Design blog tours is that in every country and town we visit we work with different brands and do different and exciting things. Also for our recent Stockholm tour we came up with a new concept. We called it the Blogger Apartment! Well known Stockholm and Berlin’s most talked about real estate agency Fantastic Frank gave us an amazing space that we furnished with appliances, furniture and accessories from our sponsors…. and it looked amazing.

I wish I could have brought some of the pieces from our apartment home, but even more I wish you had seen it! Like with every ‘new home’ and because we are bloggers who love to meet you, we organized a party during Stockholm Design week to show our apartment. And over 100 people joined us for a glass of wine, admired the apartment and listened to the Bang & Olufsen Sound through the various speakers. Hope you like to have a look around as well through this blogpost and hope to meet you when we visit your city!

Bang & Olufsen one-touch sound system

 Furniture by One Nordic furniture Company | Accessories Granit 

Furniture by One Nordic furniture Company | Bed and bedding by Auping
Art in the apartment by Emilia Ilke

Thank you Bang & Olufsen | Auping | One Nordic | No Early Birds | Granit | 

Pictures by Riikka Kantinkoski for | Styling by Emma Fexeus

Blog tour Stockholm sponsors 
Fantastic Frank | Bang & Olufsen | Auping | One Nordic | No Early Birds | Granit | Bemz | Uber | Asplund
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