GIVEAWAY | Choose your favorite HAGEDORNHAGEN poster

Today I’d love for you to meet Hagedornhagen, founded by the two photographers Mads Hagedorn-Olsen and Anders Morell. They have a passion for creeps and tiny winged creatures. For this reason they photographed selected types of beetles and butterflies, and created a series of art prints of very high quality, as regards to both craftsmanship and artistry.  

The artprints have a look that conjures up visions of old silk screen prints with nature motives. They simply buzz with nostalgia and poetry. At the same time, the photographs express innovation and modernity due to their graphic simplicity and illustrative sharpness.   

When I first came across Hagedornhagen I thought the new poster series Pyrite fitted my blog so well, and looking around at their site I found many more of my taste. PYRITE, shows the impressive beauty of mineral geometry in three graphic looks. Although the many facets and sharp edges glisten and gleam, the three mineral shapes convey an overall impression of something that is pure, simple and natural. All three posters come in B&W and can be obtained in two different sizes: 50X70 cm and 30X40 cm.

The Butterfly with Copper poster is one of the large butterflies series. But if you can’t choose there is a new poster, MYRIAD, where they have grouped a swarm of butterflies that comes in 2 different sizes | 70X100 cm and 50X70 cm |

The Canvas-series evolves around a more dark and alluring universe. The inspiration stems from the stilleben in the Renaissance, where artists made static arrangements of everyday objects to depict the present, the ‘now’, thereby emphasizing the underlying themes of transience, damnation and in the end death. The Canvas-series depicts dramatic insects hovering on raven-black backgrounds behind clouds of vaporized water.

CIRCULUS is a new, beautiful poster displaying a fragment of a flower. 
The B&W motif is daringly disrupted by the grey lettering, which interrupts the serenity and the subtle balance between the light and the dark areas of the bloom.  

Hagedornhagen giveaway
Are you in love already with the posters and in for something totally new for your home?! Two lucky readers can both win a poster of their choice. Winning is easy, just go to the Hagedornhagen website, make your choice and let us know in a comment under this post which poster you like most and would love to win.
Congratulations to Peeta of the Raw Designblogg you won the poster of your choice!