March 20, 2014

One picture statement | Using huge objects in your interior

These pictures from Russian INT2 Architecture are all over the place in the bloggersphere at the moment. And mostly because of the floors. I am actually wondering if these are real or maybe just a really good 3d animation... But nevertheless the thing that caught my eye on all these photos is the huge picture against the wall and the big industrial lamp. Simply loving those huge statements in an apartment

pictures by INT2


MyDubio said...

Zo mooi idd! Ik dacht te hebben gelezen dat het inderdaad 3d is en geen echte bestaande ruimte jammer genoeg.

Johan said...

That fantastic print on the wall is by Ruben Ireland. I featured some of his prints in a guest post on my blog. And indeed, it's 3D rendered - almost for real!

Nannette Glorie said...

Geweldig mooi, zo'n grote eye-catcher!!