March 24, 2014


Today's post is a special one... as yesterday was a special day, being the 6th Vosgesparis blog anniversary. I was thinking about it some time ago and especially on how to celebrate.... as my baby (yes I am talking about my blog here) is really growing up now. I mean SIX years is starting to be a respectable age for a blog these days. It only feels like yesterday I celebrated the 5th anniversary in New York City, and it has been another amazing year. 

This blog continues to bring me so much joy although it is hard work and the blogger in me never sleeps. I have loved welcoming so many new readers from all over the world. On top of that I had such great meetings with fellow bloggers, readers and sponsors, and many amazing Blog tours and collaborations with my blogger friends. Thanks so much for sticking with me through all these years! 


To celebrate I am having a giveaway for you , just to say thanks and show my appreciation. During my latest visit to Stockholm I thought it would be great to bring home something many readers and fellow bloggers love. But is hard to find because it can, and is only sold at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm! 

If you like the Andy Warhol exhibition poster saying "I never read I just look at pictures" as much as I do..... then here's your chance to get your hands on one ;) 

Simply leave a comment under this post and be sure I can reach you in case you win. I would love you to join me on Facebook as well ..... good luck!  

Thank you all for your kind wishes and congratulations to Jantine Vaartjes for winning this giveaway! 


Lidija said...

Congratulations and big hello from Zagreb, Croatia!


Dani H said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary! Six years is quite an accomplishment.

That is a fabulous saying by Warhol! His famous Campbells Soup cans were reproduced here in the U.S. a couple of years ago and I got one of each for my kitchen.

I don't imagine the giveaway is open to the U.S., but I did want to say how much I love your site!
d (dot) h127 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Annemarie at In2style said...

Hello Desiree, I would love to get the poster because I don't only look at pictures I think in pictures! Happy SIX year blogging.

bregje kardol said...





Verena said...

Congratulations! Always enjoy reading your blog as it inspires me a lot!:)

And the give-away is indeed a great choice! Would SO LOVE to have it in my living room <3

Hugs from Cologne!


Annemarie at In2style said...

Dear Desiree, Happy SIX year blogging! I would love to have the poster. I do not only look at pictures I think in pictures!

Päivi Lemström said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have such a wonderful blog!
Best Regards from Finland/Poland

Anne Meester said...


Gefeliciteerd! Heerlijke blog maak je. Van je posts krijg ik lekker veel inspiratie. Ga vooral zo door dus!

Mooie poster ook. Zou zeker niet misstaan in m'n nieuwe huis!


Anne said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Your blog is so stylish. I wish you continued success and congratulate you on all that you have achieved.

I looove this poster. I was so disappointed to find out that it was only sold in the museum store and not on line (I live in Paris). I would be really happy to be the winner. I'm just moving in a new apartment. It would look great in my white interior. ;)

Thank you for this great giveaway.


Alet de Boer said...

Wow, zes jaar.... gefeliciteerd! En dat vieren met deze geweldige give-away, count me in!


Hello from Austria! Congratulation- 6 years interior blogging - match that if you can! Love your blog and Pinterest boards and totally agree with Andy Warhol! I've seen this print in several magazines and really really like it!

All the best for you and you blog,

Anonymous said...

Van harte Gefeliciteerd met je 6th Anniversary!! Big Yeah 2 your amazing blog!! Ik hou van je stijl(gevoel) volg je blog en je IG Vandaar dat ik hou van de poster; i never read, i just look at pictures. Ik heb geen blog, maar mijn IG-naam is gwenchino! Succes met je blog en ik hoop nog lang te genieten van al dat moois wat je met ons allen deelt! Gwendy

Anonymous said...

Wow 6 years! Congratulation and many greetings from Germany.

Ps: i love your giveaway... :-)

Best wishes


Stephanie Koster said...

Gefeliciteerd met je 6de blog verjaardag! volgen doe ik je al vrij lang op alle fronten. Ga zo door! Het poster staat heel hoog op mijn wishlist en zou een geweldig item zijn in ons nieuwe huis. Duimen dus dat ik win.



Louise said...

Congrats on your six years in blogging. I hope for at least six more years...

I absolutely love the Andy Warhol poster and would really love to have it in my livingroom...

mannierox said...

great giveaway! i love the poster!

maja tomljanovic said...

Congrats!Again from Croatia ;-)

Ines said...

OH, what a great give away. I would love it. Congrats to your faboulus blog ♥

Marieke Rusticus said...

Gefeliciteerd! Je mag ontzettend trots zijn op je mooie blog. Op naar Nog vele jaren bloggen, zodat jij en je volgers er nog lang van kunnen genieten.
Een ontzettend gave giveaway!

Een fijne blogverjaardag gewenst.

Lieve groet Marieke

Saskia Nelson said...

As a photographer, Andy Warhol's words are particularly pertinent to me. Congratulations on 6 years!

Elena Gardin said...

Happy Anniversary Desiree!

Anonymous said...

Dear Desiree,

a very happy birthday to your fabulous blog!!
Since I read an article about you and your home in the IKEA live magazine a few years ago, I follow your blog (by the way, it was the first interior blog I followed constantly). I check it nearly every day because I love your style! The whole black and white thing with a hint of industrial charm is totally mine.
Therefore, I could imagine this cool Warhol poster pretty much in my monochrome flat... ;-)
Looking forward to at least another 6 years of reading your posts! THANK YOU, Maria

Eva said...

Happy Blog-Birthday!!!
"Weiter so" as we Germans say.
I really love your blog.
And for sure you caught my taste with this poster! I'm looking for it for so long right now.

fingers xxx

ilaria fatone said...

6 years … you are right, a definitely respectable age for a blog these days. You must be very proud with it and I can't wait to see what you are going to achieve in the upcoming years :-)

This quote was love at first sight for me, months ago. And I didn't have the chance to get it when we were in Stockholm. You know where to find me if the chance decides to smile at me :-) I keep my fingers crossed and once again Happy birthday to both of you :-) un abbraccio i.


Congratulations for your 6th anniversary! You have brought me tons of great home inspiration throughout the years, so please don't plan on leaving us any time soon!

Good luck for (hopefully) many years to come!


Wendy Viel said...

Gefeliciteerd !!
Ik volg je nog niet zo lang, maar ik vind je blog fantastisch.

Agata Witkowicz said...

Congratulations, Desiree!
Next 6 great years and more!
Agata, Poland

Anonymous said...

Great blog and happy birthday! I love your giveaway - it is simple and sooo nice.

Elsa said...

Congrats for the SIX!

It's always so inspiring and rewarding to visit your blog!

Sunny regards from Helsinki,


Eveline Mos said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd! Zes jaar al... de opstart en peuterpubertijd glansrijk overleefd.

De poster is een goede reden voor een trip naar Stockholm binnenkort. Maar stel dat ik hem win... dan verzin ik een ander excuus om snel weer eens te gaan ;-)

Karin Éénig Wonen said...

Wow 6 jaar, gefeliciteerd Desiree!
Ik blog dit jaar 2 jaar, maar dat is voor mijn gevoel ook echt voorbij gevlogen. Hoop dat ik de zes jaar ook mag halen :)

Ik doe graag mee voor die fantistische print!

Monika - White Valley said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary :)
And thank you very much for this lovely giveaway :).
Best regards :)

Anya Jensen said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary Desiree - so FAB:-) And this poster is soo me - love Warhol, so I'd love a chance of winning. Fingers XXX and have a sunny day. Look forward to the next 6 years:)

Esther - With Love said...

Happy Blog Birthday! You are a true inspiration. Nice to read that it is still bringing you so much joy. Have nice day! Cheers, Esther

Leuchtend Grau said...

Congratulation, Desiree! Keep up with black and white on your blog ...
I like the Warhol-Poster. Even if I read as much as I look at pictures.

And alll the best for the next six years.


Katja Volmerink - van de Riet said...

Wow Desiree, 6 jaar alweer! Van harte want dat is fantastisch natuurlijk! De poster is te gek, dus ik doe graag mee ;). Nog vele jaren. liefs Katja | MINT.

Jantine Vaartjes said...

Congratulations!!! Ofcourse I love this giveaway very much!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your fabulous blog, it is truly inspirational.

As a photographer myself, someone who is always looking at pictures and rarely reading ;-) it is lovely to be inspired by others.

Here's to the next 6 years!!


Chloe said...

Congratulations! Love the quote (and the blog!)

ROOM 39 said...

Congratulations and greetings from Germany!


Holly {Avenue Lifestyle} said...

Congratulations on reaching the six year mark, Desiree. You are an inspiration. I would love to display this poster in my new studio, and though the journalist in me would cringe at these words, I am also a pictures girl :) Fingers and toes crossed! Holly x

kleine Schwester said...

Congratulations for your blog anniversary from me, too ! I love it a lot following your blog with so many wonderful inspirations !
OMG, I would love to win that giveaway. I love that poster so much, have seen it several times on different blogs. Unfortunately it is not possible to buy that poster online, therefore I would be soo happy to win it !

Enjoy your day.



OMG! I have been wanting this poster forever. The Museum was closed the day I went there to buy one...
Crossing my fingers for some luck.

Congratulations with your 6 years anniversary! It has been an inspiring journey to follow you <3


Ingridvdberg said...

Wauw, six years...Congratulations!!
Unfortunately i could not read for months, but i kept myself inspired by pictures on internet (pinterest, instagram and blogs), art and picturebooks.
From now on this text of Warhol Will be on my iPhone wallpaper;-)

Catarina said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary! And what a wonderful giveaway to celebrated it :)I would love to have that poster on my wall.

Nina said...

Ohh i woud like itso much :)))))
Jump into and hope i win.

de we drijven af crew said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je 6 jarig bestaan! Graag wil ik meedoen aan de giveaway. Helaas is Stockholm ver weg maar om je te laten weten hoeveel ik begaan ben met de spreuk van Warhol, heb ik mijn blog op tumblr naar deze spreuk benoemd.

Gefeliciteerd en keep on going!


Tiene said...

Gefeliciteerd!! Volg ik al zo lang je blog...? Time flies :)

Uiteraard doe ik graag mee met deze geweldige Give Away! Wishlist material.

paulina said...

Gratis!!! Lycka till! Jag hoppas for manga mer ar med Din blog! Halsningar fran Polen :)

Liina / VillaILONA said...

You have amazing blog. Congratulations!
Liina from Finland

Liina / VillaILONA said...

You have amazing blog.

Liina from Finland
villailonablog (a)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on such a great blog!I always come here for inspiration, and that poster is so inspiring! I'd love to have it! :)

Talitha said...

Hele mooie leeftijd voor een blog inderdaad, gefeliciteerd!! Ik doe heel graag mee aan je giveaway, de quote is me op het lijf geschreven :-) Keep up the good work!

Kelly Na said...

Hello from New York!

I am a huge fan of your blog. Every post is is so in line with my aesthetic and aspirations. I've been digging these Andy Warhol posters for their directness and minimalism and would love love love to own one.

Crossing fingers!

Vilja @ muotoseikka\ said...

Happy anniversary!

I hope I get lucky in the giveaway :)

Nathalie Fransen said...

Gefeliciteerd met je 6 jarig blog bestaan. Wat vliegt de tijd, op naar nog vele jaren inspiratie!

X Nathalie

Charly's Style of Life said...

Hi Desiree!
Van harte gefeliciteerd met jouw 6e blogyear...and many more to come!!
Love your style, maar dat zag ik al meteen toen ik jou ontmoette tijdens de Meet the Blogger masterclass in Utrecht.
Keep up the good work!!
xo Charly

Goed in Stijl said...

Gefeliciteerd en hopelijk kan ik nog jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaren van je blog genieten!

De poster is awesome en probeer hem al heel lang in mijn bezit te krijgen....zou het nu dan toch eens lukken??

X Sandra
Goed in Stijl

Seawashed Kerrie said...

Congratulations! Six years is a long time and I think I have been following you for that long. I just celebrated seven years of blogging. You have inspired me with your love affair with black. Thank you for all the lovely posts.

Home and Lifestyle said...

In Nederland neem je als blogger een bijzondere plaats in! Je bent wat mij betreft de creme de la creme, juist ook omdat je zo internationaal gericht bent. De kwaliteit van je blog is aanhoudend hoog.

Van harte gefeliciteerd!

KateKuzminova said...

I never win anything, but this one is worth trying... Fingers crossed!:) happy celebration!x

Anonymous said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 6. Blog-Geburtstag. Ich bin verrückt nach dem Poster und würde es sehr gern haben.
Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin

KateKuzminova said...

Happy celebration!! I never win, but this poster is worth trying!! Fingers crossed.x

Lia Siouti said...


KateKuzminova said...

I never win anything, but this one is worth trying... Fingers crossed!:) happy celebration!x

Marit Odolphi said...

Gefeliciteerd met je 6 jarig jubileum, ik volg je blog op de voet en ook op FB. Hopelijk ga je nog wat jaartjes door! Het geeft mij erg veel inspiratie.

De poster past precies bij mij, bekijk niet alleen plaatjes maar denk ook in plaatjes ;-)

Andrew Bruce said...

Greetings from NYC and congrats on 6 years.

Would love to win this poster, has been on my wish list for a long time now.

Thanks for this great giveaway.


AGQ said...

Hiep hiep hoera, alweer 6 jaar, gefeliciteerd!!!!

Elvera - elv's said...

Al heel veel jaren inspireer je mij en vele anderen... Gefeliciteerd Desiree... Happy six ;-)

Margreet de Vries said...

Wat geweldig goed Desiree! Gefeliciteerd!!! Wat een prestatie en wat heb je al veel mooie dingen gedaan! Je blijft ons inspireren! Liefs, Margreet

Marcella said...

Gefeliciteerd met je 6-jarig blog jubileum! Ik volg je al een tijd en vindt je blogs zeer inspirerend.
De giveaway is niet alleen prachtig; ook de inhoud past bij mij-:).


laura said...

congrats on your blogaversary!

Anonymous said...

Joyeux bloganniversaire - Please keep up the good stuff for a few more years!

Anja Frølund said...

I would love to win!


flavia said...


Many kisses from Rome

Ilona van Vliet said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!

Gefeliciteerd! 6 jaar bloggen! En je blogt over de mooiste dingen!

Keep on going! Lees/bekijk de blogs graag!

Jeanette Renting said...

Wat een leuke give-away heb je voor ons.
Fijne dag verder,
groeten van Jeanette.

STUDIO 8940 - said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Die poster! Die wil ik! :)

Als een volger van de eerste uren, zou deze direct een mooi plaatsje krijgen boven mijn mac.

Keep up the good work, trouwens!
Groetjes uit België


jomcloughlin said...

Happy anniversary Desiree, I love your blog , still work in progress on my house, but I love the simplicity of black & white especially with concrete, I have been trying to locate one of these posters, so fingers crossed.
Jo mcloughlin.

Marta eM said...

happy blog aniversery and as we say in Poland STO LAT!
I read Your blog for more than half of time that it exist and I hope I will have the possibility to raed it for many more years.

Suvi said...

Great giveaway. I would love to have this poster in my livingroom.

Regards et Maisons by Nathalie said...

Très bel anniversaire à ton blog!
et bravo pour sa qualité.

Anonymous said...


Greetings from Germany, Andrea


Anna / angel in the north said...

I've only just discovered your lovely blog, I'm going to have a good look around and look forward to reading your posts. Many congratulations on your 6th birthday.
I love this print.
(in case I win:

Billie Melissie said...



Deze poster staat al zoooo lang 'on my wishlist'

....Oh! Lucky me!?!!

Thanks for the tag #zilverblauw

Billie Melissie said...


You can reach me @ Instagram


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on SIX wonderful years! Keep up the good work and thanks for the giveaway. said...

Ohhh.. my.. God..

I think Im gonna cry, pure happiness:D and uhh congratulations, keep it up with your beautiful blog!

Aggy said...

Oh!!!! Die staat al heel lang op mijn wishlist! Wat zou ik die graag willen winnen!

Duimen maar!

Gefeliciteerd met alweer 6 jaar bloggen! Je posts zijn nog even inspiratievol!

Liefs Aggy

eduarda said...

Salut Desiree! Your blog is one of my favourites, all this beautifull pictures that inspires me every day! Keep on going the excellent work you do!!! Félicitations Eduarda

Anneke said...

Gefeliciteerd! Dank je wel voor al je mooie inspiratie war ik al jaren van geniet. Ik zou graag meedoen, maar helaas heb ik geen Facebook

kris said...

Happy sixth Desiree and vosgesparis!! Amazing! Thank you for being one of my heroes...

Lisa Vogels said...

Gefeliciteerd met het behalen van de mijlpaal!
Ik haal altijd erg veel inspiratie voor mijn eigen woning en mijn opleiding van je blog af, bedankt voor de altijd leuke posts :)
Ik ben inderdaad ook een van degenen die deze poster al erg lang op het oog heeft maar hem nog steeds niet in bezit heeft, vandaar dat ik natuurlijk erg graag mee doe aan je give away!

Ik kijk nu alweer uit naar je volgende posts, vooral omdat ik zeer waarschijnlijk binnenkort een compleet kaal huis ga kopen waarvoor ik natuurlijk erg veel inspiratie nodig heb :)


Jacquie Denyer said...

Congratulations !!!
I would love this print..and it was my Birthday on March 20th ;)
Jacqueline Denyer

Luisa said...

happy anniversary! and what a great way to celebrate!! ;-)

luisa.vervoorn [at]

Nora Salonen said...

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE that poster, but I havent been able to visit Stockholm! Have a lovely weekend! :>

Carol said...

Congrats on those 6 years of your B-aby. Greetings.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation from @malehilde Norway! I really love your blog and your lovely home. Thank you so much♡

Erica Couvreur said...

Happy B-day & keep on blogging! En die poster.......gewoon prachtig. Superleuke give away.

Johanna said...

Congratulations and keep up the good (and very inspiring) work... I've been longing for this poster over ages and it would make my year :-))

Hugs Johanna / Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!

kimguin said...

Happy blog birth day!

I've been following you for some years now (not the complete 6 but like 3 or 4 years) and I really want to thank you for all the inspiration. Your beautiful homes got me into saving up and collecting second hand designer furniture while being at university.

Now as I just moved in with my boyfriend that really paid off. We both have a passion for Scandinavian styles and our first apartment is black and white with some key designer items and an industrial feel.. All that is missing is some great piece to fit our white wall.

Thank you for all these years of inspiration!

bn100 said...

Happy blogoversary!

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

Iris said...

Hi Desire, just stopped by to congratulate you with your 6 year fantastic blogging! Thank you for all your inspiring posts!!! See you soon I hope!

vanessa said...

This is me all over...
I love your blog, congratulations on all your success

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary!

What a great giveaway! I'm trying to get my hands on one of these posters for ages :).

rasheda khan said...

Lots of love and best wishes to you for an amazing six years of blogging.
Wishing you many more years of success, you're fabulous.
Love always x

Michele Decho said...

Happy BlogBirthday. I wish you all the best.

basic goods said...

Hoi Desiree,
Ga door, ga door, ga door...
Blijf je inspiratie delen!!!
Gefeliciteerd had ik je al, maar nog niet ingeschreven voor de Giveaway.
Lieve groet, Marleen (basic goods)

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Desiree.

Astrid said...

Hi Desiree, congratulations!

I love your blog. And your floor ;-). Could you please let me know which exact colour this is?

Thanx a lot!


Astrid said...

Hi Desiree,


Ik vind je blog fantastisch. En ook jouw gietvloer :-). Kun je mij vertellen welke kleur dit exact is?

Alvast ontzettend bedankt!

Groetjes, Astrid

Astrid said...

Hi Desiree,

Gefeliciteerd! Ik vind je blog echt super! En ook je gietvloer :-). Kun je mij vertellen welke kleur dit exact is?

Alvast hartelijk dank. En ga zo door!

Groetjes, Astrid