April 14, 2014

A contemporary attic space | Architectural visualization

Michael Feuerroth is a media artist specialized in architectural visualization and architectural photography. He lives in Karlsruhe, Germany where he runs his atelier and teaches architectural visualization at the University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe, faculty of architecture. 

I found these amazing pictures while surfing on Pinterest and they are so 'real' I had to share them. If you are interested in reading how these were made you can read all about it here 

pictures via Atelier Feuerroth | Facebook


Anonymous said...

So nice and beautiful white space!


the SAGA by Steinsdotter said...

I wouldn't mind living like that :)
Just need a lot of big green plants, and everything would be good.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Styling, love it!

Regards et Maisons by Nathalie said...

C'est sublime . Tout ce que j'aime . Bisous .

Nannette Glorie said...

Schitterende foto's en heel natuurlijke styling, thnx voor de link!

Elisab said...

I loved this place .It looks quite and so nice to live.