Inspiration for your home | Cool curtains for your walk in closet

While working on my blog, reading your blogs and websites, my 
Facebook | would love you to join me there!| is always open at the background. I like to see what friends are posting and if it seems of any interest I click on the link *hello distraction*. The next minute I can find myself surfing around and forgetting what I was doing in the first place.

The other day I clicked on a link photographer Marjon Hoogervorst added on her timeline. Printlove is here webshop where she sells her letterpress prints. But I also found this wonderful curtain with black and white print… if you are not the lucky owner of a walk in closet but have a wall filled with shelves and clothes-racks instead. This curtain that reminds me of a fitting room, might be a wonderful addition to your room next to keeping your clothes out of sight. 

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