Ingo Maurer | Fuori Salone 2014

With only one showroom in Europe, in the outskirts of Munich, where Ingo Maurer and his team work on different lightning products and installations my friend insisted on going to see his work during our stay in Milan. The great thing is that we really go along on these trips and both have our little escapes to exhibitions we really want to see.

After walking lots already through Brera and even more to find the address. It was all worth it when we opened the velvet curtains and stepped into the dark area.

I loved this exhibition. The pictures are not the best as it was really dark inside…but I guess you will get an impression. I also made a little iPhone movie |still really have to work |very hard| on my skills there but you can have a look at it here, just to give you an impression of the magic.

pictures (C) vosgesparis