May 1, 2014

Vinyl collections | Cool cabinets to store your records

It's been years I have no record player anymore, and my record collection is getting smaller with the years, most of them are stored in the garage nowadays. Some records went to my daughter, who has her own vinyl collection, and loves my old Lou Reed records.

I think a vinyl collection is beautiful to look at though, and these
Palaset cabinets by Finnish designer Ristomatti Ratia look amazing together with the art posters and pictures. 

pictures via mundadaa


Kris @ Fashion Addicted Foodies said...

How stunning. I wish I still had all my vinyl records.

Iro - Ivy said...

Nice storage - pretty pics. Idea bookmarked ;)
Are ourselves lp lovers here.
Some of our lps are stored in two square wooden boxes on wheels.

Anonymous said...

Rocket from the Crypt!