COISA |Soft scarfs made out of natural materials| Sponsor spotlight

Today I’d love for you to meet Coisa. Her passion for design and fabrics inspired Kim van der Wel to start her own label. Beautifully colored no-nonses scarfs. Scarfs made from long lasting materials that will last beyond one season. I simply love the look and feel of the scarfs Using materials such as alpaca, cotton, silk and lambswool, all scarfs have a soft feeling!  

New styles are added every few months. The current new one being the Coisa Light | pictured above in light misty, more colours available at the shop| and the restyled Coisa Original. All showing their signature, natural materials and colours in the recognisable Coisa style.

Coisa which in Portugees means: ‘something indescribable’ is the perfect name for the ‘Coisa Original’, the scarf the collection started with back in 2012. It’s a multitasker, use it as a scarf, a poncho, cape or cardigan or in any other way you prefer! 

All scarfs are made in small workshops in Portugal, Holland, Turkey and Belgium with good and honest work circumstances – pictures via