June 9, 2014

Today's mix #1 | 3x wood for your home & fashion with attitude

A collection of beautiful pictures by my dear friend Deborah

Lets bring back the good old list! .... I love lists and I though it was a good way to show you some of the favourite blogposts, gadgets DIY ideas, friends stuff or just stunning work I come across. 

Doing this is also a good way to bring back the new blogs list I had on my blog before!
I loved this list, where I showed a selection of fresh blogs I liked every week. And... because you told me, I know it gave many new blogs an audience to start with. With the hundreds of blogs, Instagram accounts and Pinterest boards starting every week, it is
 difficult to get noticed in the mass and connect with others! The other thing is that making this posts also is a way to force myself to read more blogs. I realise it is hard to keep up with everything and I miss reading your blogs. So these posts should all be about you! If you have anything to share that would fit my blog, or should not be missed... drop me an email. 

3x wood for your home

Great idea to give a marble touch to an ordinary IKEA tray

Another piece of Dutch design 


1x Fashion with attitude

I like her style, non colour and a bit androgyny 

thats my 5 links for today.... 
I guess everyone is still enjoying a nice day off but It's monday and it's blogday! Enjoy the little break! 


Iris Havekes said...

Good idea! Nice to get to know some fresh blogs by reading along with you here in on your blog! Thx :-) I just recently discovered My Dubio too... And I think she's from my home town! :-) small world!

MyDubio said...

Thanks Desiree!! Echt super dat mijn DIY in het lijstje staat! :)