Polaroid projections in blue and orange | Kristian Rahtjen

At the office of Kristian Rahtjen, Photographer and Founder of 747 Studios in Hamburg the computer determines the daily business. “Over the past few years I have noticed that analog photography is becoming increasingly important in order to get better in digital photography. In essence I am concerned with the craftsmanship” he says. “A good photo is created by the photographer, his subject and the camera, these are the three key points of analog photography. Who makes friends with them, can make a good photo”

Recently he was in Amsterdam to do some free work, out of the studio where everything is set up as he imagine for the customer. He photographed a free home interior theme, “blue and orange”, and I had the pleasure to work with him. On location he has to work with his analog skills, and look for that one, the right shot. For this series he worked with a beamer projecting a series of earlier made overal blue polaroids with my own home as a monochrome canvas.

Pictures Kristian Rahtjen | Styling by me | more here and here