The Loft Amsterdam | Must see pop-up store

‘The Loft’ is an annual pop-up store … and different from all other pop-up stores. It’s a store with a selection of hand picked furniture, books, art, and many many!! other items all beautiful styled together…. it’s an inspiring place, and home to an eccentric person.

Each year organisers, the Playing Circle will choose a different fictive person with a different character, according to which the collection of furniture, art and accessories will be curated. 

From the carpets on the floor, to the furniture and even the books in the shelves – everything in The Loft will be for sale. I have been here already twice and if you have the change, I think you should go and experience the loft yourself! It’s that place where you can wander around and discover new items all the time and where it is hard to leave empty handed.

The Loft will be open till August 15 Check out the page for special events and opening hours: The Loft














Pictures © | Vosgesparis