KOTO a new candle by Skandinavisk X Design Bloggers United

As from next week KOTO, the newest candle by SKANDINAVISK X Design Bloggers United will be launched at Formex fair in Stockholm. The cool thing is that we have been working for some time on this cool collaboration with SKANDINAVISK. 

After meeting our team at 
DesignTrade in Copenhagen in 2013 SKANDINAVISK says they learned about our common principles and design aesthetic. “Your innovative thinking as a Design collective and working together across Northern Europe, seemed a perfect match for our brand and ambitions”. says Shaun Russell.

During the process we discussed fragrances, look and feel.
The colour is no surprise…. Black! and for the name we came up with KOTO, because we love those small Finnish words, and KOTO means home, a word totally fitting the small moments together at home, SKANDINAVISK believes making Scandinavia so happy and successful.   

The beautiful large black hand-blown glass with a mix of perfume, natural and mineral wax and 4 wicks of 100% cotton, has once lighted 72 burning hours and notes of amber, jasmine and vanilla. KOTO will be available from September 1st. Curious already…. pre-order our candle at SKANDINAVISK 

pictures & styling Susanna Vento, our lovely new member of the Design Bloggers United team.