Bohemian art | Paintings by hannah Kristin

It is not very often I get myself a real painting for my home, most of my artworks are black and white prints or photographs. When Hannah Adamszek presented me her work however,  I thought it was really beautiful. When she offered to send me my favourite painting, I could imagine it looking great in my home, especially on one of my concrete walls.

The painting Hanna
h sent me, “The Pilgrim”, is acrylics on canvas, and is a collaboration with Kristin Gaudio Endsley, an abstract artist who contributed to the artwork by adding colour and the background. I chose the blueish one because blue is the only colour I have in my overall monochrome home.

Hannah: “I think a lot of urban art can be visually sharp – I’m not sure if this is due to the male prevalence or part of its makeup but my work definitely brings in a softer female touch with emotion being brought into a sometimes more aggressive world.”

Unlike most artworks of the contemporary street art genre, Hannah’s portraits have a clear feminine touch, using earthy tones and soft contours to communicate a sense of calmness. Her main focus is on painting females that are subtle yet strong, bold yet delicate, and it’s exactly the balance between these contradictions that make her artworks so unique.

Pictures © Vosgesparis