Felice ‘Home of brands’ | Sophisticated & raw

It is not every day I enter a store feeling really inspired… the kind of place where you love everything you see, do not want to leave anymore, and at the same time want to run home to just start all over again and redesign your home from scratch! I am thinking of an amazing new bathroom, sliding doors and handmade cupboards.

Not really strange really if you imagine that Felice ‘Home of  brands’, designed by Bas van Kampen, thinks the interior design is one of the most important parts of the store. Dominated by a huge table, showing a collection of fashion, accessories and shoes |Felice is also the name of the shoe label by his partner Anne Uyen| the place feels sophisticated and raw at the same time and everything is for sale, from the kitchen, beautiful in ‘concrete’ material, more about that next week! and copper, to the floor and curtains. 

pictures © Vosgesparis